• Hi everyone!
    I'm Randomplz, I'm 19, I'm currently living in the US, and as far as I can remember, I don't think I've been banned from any server before (though knowing me, and how young I was when I started playing minecraft, I've probably lied about my age at least once in the past, oops lol). I got into minecraft about 5-6 years ago because a friend of mine that I met on a different game wanted to play with me. I don't really have a favorite mod as I generally tend to stick to vanilla. My favorite part of playing minecraft is either building or redstone. In real life, my favorite activities are brokenly sobbing onto my incomplete schoolwork and drawing a lot. Sometimes I get peer pressured into playing League of Legends.

    I hope that's five sentences, thanks in advance for reading this!

  • Staff

    Greetings, Randomplz!
    I agree that vanilla usually has to offer a lot of options already, the multiplayer worlds I played on the longest were without mods!
    Anyway, I added you in, hope you enjoy playing with us! :3