• Age: 17
    Country: United Kingdom

    Got hooked with the game while visiting a friend, made an account soon after back when Minecraft was on version 1.3, I got into modded Minecraft while watching Syndicate doing The Minecraft Project with FTB Unleashed. Favourite things to do in modded include automation and mining. My favourite / essential mods are Tinkers, AE2 or RS, Thermal Expansion, Industrial Craft and EnderIO.

    I guess I do programming in some of my spare time. I know roughly how to make things work but I'm sure it's never as efficient as it could be. I know enough Python to make some useful scripts when I find the need for one and I'm currently messing about with C++. I use git for windows SDK that comes with the mingw toolchain currently version 7.1.0. It comes with a great package manager and it also comes with bash so it creates a sort of linux-like development environment on windows.

    I'm applying here looking for a not-so-laggy ATM3 server, I usually play on twpi but it's lagging like mad so I thought I'd look for somewhere else to play ATM3 on.

  • Staff

    Hi TerriblePvPer!
    welcome to the community, you're white-listed now. Have a good time!

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