• I'm 17 turning 18 in three weeks from today, I live in Vermont (USA), I have never been banned or timed out mainly because I don't talk much and avoid conflict with others. I'm a well rounded player meaning I know a little about all the mods. as a person I am respectful and kind to all even to those who I have issues with but that list is very short. For personal hobbies I enjoy an assortment of things such as Chemistry, Building things, Programming (Learning), and other things as well. I got into Minecraft about a year after the game dropped in 2012, a friend told me about the game. My favorite mod is hard to say because I love a lot of mods but if I had to chose one I would chose Tinkers because it is a great early game mod and allows for a variety of options in your tools.

  • Helper

    Hello PolarDuckling,
    thanks for applying, I added you to the white-list. Enjoy playing on Stonebound!

  • Thank You

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