• Hey everyone,

    My name's Liam and I'm 20 years old, but you can call me Ice if you'd like (I don't mind ;) ). I do not have a history of bans and I don't tend to lie about my age (It hasn't ever really been necessary, nor would I choose to lie). I started playing Minecraft back in 2011 and instantly fell in love. Before I discovered modded Minecraft, I was obsessed with small survival servers and then eventually got into Factions servers. What I loved about this was the community and the exploration aspect; the feeling of a group of new people coming together to achieve and create great things in game.

    I then eventually discovered the beauty of Minecraft mods which gave the already incredible game a new depth; a new lease of life. It was like I was living on a small vanilla island and had been offered a ticket to travel to the modded wonders of the Minecraft world.

    After a wee hiatus when I finished high school and went into work/travelling I am planning on getting back into Minecraft and explore FTB Horizons 3. I have already done a bit of play on single player and have been enjoying it greatly but would love to join a community that seems as great as yours to start playing more. (Because on single-player I am missing that community aspect that this server seems to have). I have to say the thing I am enjoying most about this pack so far is exploration and building!

    Outside of the game I live in the Scottish Highlands, and I am currently a student - studying English, Sociology and Psychology. I love to write and create as well as make the most of the outdoors (although with winter approaching staying inside in the warm playing Minecraft sounds like a great pairing with studying).

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear from you soon.


    Liam (Ice118)

  • Staff

    Hey Liam,
    thanks for dropping by and applying, I've gladly added you to our white-list.
    Enjoy playing with our community!

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