• hi I am a 35 yr old gamer that enjoys games of all types and just recently got into modded minecraft and a few other games... i just built my own PC this yr and had previously play Minecraft on console... i have played multiple games on multiple serves and never had a Ban... i always try to play by the rules and/or fix any issue brought to my attention as quickly as possible... i mostly enjoy exploring in minecraft and so far my favorite Mod is Endere IO just because i understand it the most... a friend and i are looking for a stable server to play on that has admins and mod that care about the server and actually help to fix issues... i have also run a few game servers of my own for other games is you might be looking for help with the server as well.... thank you for your consideration to join your server and hope to hear back from you soon

  • Helper

    Hey BeardedGamer!
    Thanks a lot for your application, you've been added now. There are plenty of helpful players in our community, if you ever need help getting started with any mod you're new to. Anyway, looking forward to meeting you, see you around!

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