• Hi, I'm splashy.
    Age: 30
    Country: USA
    Bans: Maybe some in the 2011-2013 period? Don't specifically recall any, though.
    About Me: I have been playing Minecraft since 2011. I originally found out about it watching paulsoaresjr's Survive and Thrive series. I knew it was a game I had to have. I spent my very limited college student funds to buy it, liked it immensely and then had to drag myself away from it to actually participate in real life. I've been playing regularly since then. In modded MC, I typically like to explore and play with agriculture based mods (Pam's, Agricraft, Mystical, etc) and enderIO. I am a strong proponent for AE2 in the AE2 vs RS battle.

    IRL, I read a lot, I play video games, and work 50ish hours a week. I love to binge watch on Netflix and often have that running while playing MC. Current favorites are Merlin, Sherlock, and Hunter x Hunter (RIP). I also enjoy the Marvel shows (and movies!).

    As a side note, I like this forum set up! Very clean.

    Edit: Corrected when I started playing MC (it was later than I thought!)

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    We've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.
    I hope you enjoy playing on our servers, and thanks for the compliment. 🙂

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