• Hello!

    I've always been a fan of All The Mods and I've finally got some free time to try the newest pack of the series. Saw your post on Discord #server-search and decided to have a look. Anyway, I'm 16 and living in the US, student in a very rigorous high school and running a Minecraft server myself (Of course I won't advertise). Trying to use modded minecraft to relax and chat a bit with people. I've had one ban from a modded community at 1.6.4 times because of duping, and a couple from vanilla PVP servers for hacking but without me using hacks at all (I was once banned for sprint hacks in a 1.7 server, the same version that added ctrl-button-to-sprint!). I did actually dupe that one time but it was three years ago and I haven't done any of that since then. I've never lied about my age, though.

    Edit: In case you need it, I'm applying only for the All The Mods 3 server.

  • Helper

    Hello Hky,
    I added you to the white-list, feel free to join whenever you like! You get to play on every current and future pack hosted by us, but enjoy All The Mods 3 for now. See you soon!

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