• Hi my IGN is forstat01. I'm 24 and I'm from USA. I never lied about my age but I have been banned once on 8bit block whitelisted server. It was a joke that went a little to far, and after a sincere apology I got back onto the server. I started playing minecraft in 2012. I do not enjoy vanilla minecraft too much because I couldn't find much to do. However, I spent a lot of time playing ftb since it's fun and challenging to figure stuffs out. I took a long break from minecraft ever since 8bit block was shut down. I'm itching to find another community I can have fun with. I will appreciate if I can be added to the server.

  • Helper

    Hi forstat!
    Thanks for dropping by and applying, you've been added to the whitelist, so you are welcome to join us whenever you like.
    I hope you'll have fun with our community, see you soon!

  • thanks a lot

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