• Hello there!

    Username: BlueLight_
    Age: 22
    Country: Austria
    Bans: none

    I started playing Minecraft when it was in beta. It was shown to me by a good friend with whom i still play today. I just love the exploring/creating aspect of the game. Playing in communities is especially interersting for me, as it adds a certain living atmosphere in the game. :)

    I am kinda slow with learning the mods or most efficient ways of doing something, but I played ATM2 a while back so I hope to be able to use some skills in ATM3.

    I have no favourite mod, but I like Immersive Engineering very much, because it combines beautiful models with functional machinery.

    I work at one of Austrias banks as a tech-guy, so I try to stay away from my PC at home for the sake of my eyes. Of course that does not always work, especially because of MC and Space Engineers. :b

    Looking forward to an answer :)

  • Staff

    Hi Felix!
    welcome to our community, I added you to our white-list. I agree that IE is a beautiful mod, you come across it in every modpack it feels like. Anyway, whenever you're not saving your eyesight, you may join us and play on your servers! Looking forward to meeting you soon! :3

  • Hi!

    Thank you :) Looking forward to join later today!

    Greetings :)

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