• I am 29 years of age, live in the Netherlands though I do not speak Dutch as I was born and raised in America. I have only been banned from one server (this was Mind your Mind) and this was for something not related to myself but rather the server admins having issues with a couple of people I called friends and my own husband.)

    I got into minecraft around Beta 1.8, and I have been playing modded since Beta 1.9 I believe.. Currently I do not have a favorite mod per say, but Chisel, Chisels & Bits, and Architecture craft are some of my tops.. I do enjoy building and take my time in a pack.

    In the real world, I am a seamstress and own my own Sewing company. I make plush dolls and pillows for a living, small as it is atm..

  • Helper

    Hello Beraias!
    Thanks for your Application, it's always nice to see a new builder joining.
    You're on the white-list now, enjoy playing on Stonebound!

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