• Username: Riverfurball
    Age: 17
    Location: England,UK
    History of Bans & Lying about age: None

    I first got into Minecraft through the Xbox which i played for years til I got into PC Minecraft recently. I am new to the modded side of Minecraft and I have only been on one other server with a smaller mod pack & community on, which i enjoyed playing and now am looking for a new server with a good community to join. Other interests that I have are doing art, reading comics & manga, listening to music while also playing many other games with a bunch of friends to learn as we go along.

    Other Than that i hope you read through and allow me to join this community.

  • Helper

    Hey Riverfurball, welcome to Stonebound!
    Added you to the white-list, feel free to join whenever you like.
    Hope you enjoy playing with us! :3

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