• Hi my names Catallys, most people call me Cat, my real names Daniel. I am 26, i have no ban history that i'm aware of, never lied about my age no reason to. I personally got into minecraft around alpha was nice the game was really cheap then, now i can't play vanilla its to simple. favorite mods for me would have to be AE2 and AE2 Stuffs. I can get into any kind of tech mod, works out because i always have a friend with me who is into the magical mods so we split that. i could keep going but if you guys have any questions just ask i get along with everyone. i hope to be accepted and play with you guys soon, see ya. one last note, i live on the east coast and i'm generally a night owl, so i play late EST times, once again hope to see you guys soon. Thanks

  • Staff

    Hello Daniel!
    thanks for applying, you've been added to the white-list. Enjoy playing with the Stonebound community, looking forward to meeting you soon!

  • Thanks i look forward to playing, i'm gonna get my friend to apply here shortly hopefully he gets accepted so we can play ^_^ thanks again.

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