• Hello My name is Tiffany,

    I am 16 years old, and I live in the United States.
    How I got into minecraft you ask? Well I got into minecraft when I was very young. I don't quite remember how old I was , but I do remember it was an x-box, and I was just dazzled by it. Then one of my sister's now ex boyfriends gave me access to his minecraft account, but that one got exterminated some how. But now I am full on loving modded minecraft, but I still remember the good ol days where I was surprised about how amazing it was to just start a world on my own. Now these days, I am quite lonely when I start a world alone, so I seek companionship in servers.

    Now the favorite things I love to do in real life,
    I have a few things.

    1. Go to school
    2. Learn new things
    3. Be organized
    4. Spend time with family
    5. Be outdoors and spend time with my family (See a pattern XD . I do love my family)

    Now in game,

    1. Love to start off fresh and try to do everything myself to see how far I can go.
    2. I love to invest into other players, like make a food source, and get into it like get frustrated and think up more ideas of how I could make it work and not use many resources.
    3. I love to get into the mod called Immersive Engineering. That mod is so fun to get into 😄 .

    I don't have many interests, but I know this much.
    I love to go out doors , play on my laptop, work at something with all my might.
    I would really honestly like to invest into the network , and see if I find my peace here. I honestly do a bit of mudpack hopping, but please don't let me do that. Try to help me find many things to get into. I do love huge projects 😄 .

    Any way,
    Thank you for reading this through to see if I would be qualified to join such an interesting network.


    My in game name is TiffanyDoctorWho.
    I made it up since one of my favorite shows to watch is doctor who.

  • Helper

    Greetings Tiffany,
    thanks for the great read! I've gone ahead and added you to the white-list, feel free to join and introduce yourself anytime.
    We hope you decide to stay with our community for a while!

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