• Age: 24
    Country: USA
    Ban History: none
    Bio: I am a friendly player that likes to help others. I wouldn't say I have one favorite mod but I could list a few; Mekanism, AE2, EnderIO, Iron Chest(you may laugh but starting off this is such a god send), and Draconic Evo. I have been playing Minecraft for years now and couldn't tell you when I started playing (likely around 2012 timeframe). I have not played on many servers. I have however, played a few servers for a long time. I'm looking for a casual ATM3 server to join that I can exercise my OCD upon. I am an Engineer, so the automation of a base is the big reason I play these servers.

  • Staff

    Hi mrmillertime,
    welcome to Stonebound! I hope you'll enjoy automating all the things on our servers, see you in-game!

  • Thanks for the White list, see you in-game!

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