• Age: 20
    Country: USA
    History of Bans: None
    Added Information: I'm a friendly person and I love to make new friends through Minecraft. I enjoy having a community of friends in Minecraft! It adds to the experience! I don't grief or PvP nor do I build terrible looking bases and leave 1x1 towers so I'm all good on that front! My favorite mod is Mekanism and I love to make automation with that mod. I got into Minecraft way back when it first came out. I don't exactly remember the time and I have had multiple accounts. I do remember the update where Mojang finally allowed the character to run! It was truly fantastic haha!

  • Helper

    Hello Tychon!
    The ability to drag items in the UI is usually what I miss the most when playing older version of Minecraft, but I agree that the addition of sprinting was a blessing too. Anyway, welcome to Stonebound, Have fun playing with our community! :3

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