• My name is Colby I am a 20 year old college student in the United states. I have been banned from a server many years ago. I was maybe 16 at the time and I was having troubles keeping my temper in check. That I will not lie about having a bad temper was rough but since then I have gotten it in check and have thrived as a person. I go to college to work on heating and air conditioning systems. My favorite mod would have to be old school thermal expansion, back in 1.7.10. My favorite thing to do ingame is to mine, or build complicated systems to do a very simple task. My favorite thing to do outside of minecraft is to work, I love working and I love making money. it is the driving force behind what I do. This is me and I hope you accept me for who I am.

  • Helper

    Hi Colby!
    Thanks for applying, you've been white-listed!
    Hope you enjoy playing modded Minecraft with us, see you soon! :3

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