• Name: DankNissan (Dank is fine... so is Nissan)
    Age: 15
    Bans: None that I can recall

    I focus on progression, so I will usually build nice bases that while not extremely large will have good functionality and automation. My favorite non-utility mods are thermal expansion and AE2, but there are many other mods I like and use in my playthroughs. I actually picked up this game while staying at a cousins house in a different city while my mom was undergoing treatment for a brain tumor in that city, that was around 2012 and I purchased the game when it was version 1.2.0 or 1.2.1 iirc. Besides Minecraft, I enjoy playing Overwatch, taking long walks with friends, golfing and playing paintball. I'm rather introverted so while I will definitely be active on the server chat and discord, I can't see myself building with anyone. My playstyle is automation (and hoarding) of most materials in the game, and I am excited to start playing a pack with actual difficulty that includes Mystical Agriculture (not you Foolcraft). I play multiple hours every weekend, and some weekdays for an hour or two between 5 and 8 pm CST. I appreciate your consideration.

  • Helper

    Hey Nissan,
    thanks for your interest in our community! We've gone ahead and added you to the white-list.
    Welcome to Stonebound, enjoy yourself! :3

  • @simibubi thanks, I'll try to get on sometime today or tomorrow.

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