• 17, USA, N/A. I got into Minecraft and mods about 3-4 years ago. I generally have good knowledge of mods but haven't played for a long time. I figured an ATM pack would be great for getting into it again. Normally, I'd play a pack offline; however, because I haven't played in awhile I figured it'd be a great idea to join a server where I can ask about things if I need to. Generally, I'm a player who is good with automation, logic, and "mid-level" building; and if I'm able to, I usually will do my best to help others if they need it. I'd be online generally any time after 4:00 (EST) and typically play for an hour to 4 hours at a time, depending on what I have to do in-game and IRL.

  • Staff

    Hi Jacob!
    Thanks for dropping by and applying. You are white-listed now, so you can hop on whenever you like!
    I hope you will enjoy playing with us, see you around!