• I'm 20 and from the US East Coast. I don't have any history of bans or lying about my age, "Clubtropper" is my handle on pretty much every site. I got into Minecraft when it was in beta (the update that introduced beds) and have been playing modded MC since 2011. My favorite mod is AE2 because I love to automate everything and I also love to base build. I like harder packs such as Infinity Expert or Age of Engineering but I want to try out ATM3 since it has been updated to the newest MC version and has a few mods that I haven't used. Hopefully I can join your community!

  • Staff

    Hello, Clubtropper!
    Thank you for your interest in joining this community. You are now white-listed, so you can hop on whenever you like.
    Have fun on Stonebound!
    PS: Hope your name with the double 'p' was correct.

  • Thanks for the whitelist! Also yeah the double 'p' is correct.

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