• Hello,

    My names Chris, I'm 18, and a college student studying mechanical systems engineering. I have no previous bans, and I play on very few servers. I'm primarily a builder, but I love a good amount of exploration. I got into minecraft about 10 years ago back in minecrafts alpha stage, but until about 3 months ago I went on a 2 year hiatus from computer and modded minecraft, though I played extensively on my xbox. I'm a great team player, and prefer to play with 2-5 other players at the same time. Currently I play on the ATM3 official server and a couple of FTB infinity servers, though I would like to be whitelisted to the FTB ultimate server aswell. Previously I played a lot of tekkit in minecraft 1.6.

    If you have any members looking to become part of a new minecraft gaming community, I'm in the first stages of starting up the Forsaken Brotherhood. Though women are more than welcome, its just named a brotherhood.

    Thank you,
    Asage of the Forsaken Brotherhood

  • Staff

    Greetings, Asage of the Forsaken Brotherhood.
    Thank you for your interest in joining this community. You are now white-listed, so you can hop on whenever you like!
    Have fun on Stonebound!

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