• Hey everyone, im Recaran!

    Im 32 years old and i'm from near Matlock, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom of Englandshire!

    I have never been banned from a minecraft server, the thought of loosing all progression ive made without notice on a server is horrifying to me.

    I started out playing a pirated version of minecraft after i saw my friend playing it and he told me to look past the graphics and focus on how you can mine every single block in the world and build what ever you want. I was instantly hooked. I played for around a week on vanilla before i purchased a proper copy of the game. I then went on the hunt to see if there was any modifications for the game. Low and behold, i find buildcraft and industrial craft (this is around version 1.8.1 beta).

    Queue me playing relentlessly for weeks on end, designing huge processing plants with rats nests of pipes and machinery everywhere, i was in my element.

    So after a while, i start to grow tired of these two mods, so i extend my search further. I find out about something called Tekkit. Whats this!? A whole collection of mods and a handy launcher to bind them all together? Count me in!

    Thats pretty much my minecraft history. I prefer all the tech mods over magic as i see minecraft as a giant industrial estate simulator. Here i am, god knows how many years later, starting out punching trees again and again!

    Im really looking forward to joining an active community to enjoy this Goliath of a game with. Ive been playing single player for a few months and its very lonely. Whats the point of setting up an extensive P2P networking system if you cant show it off, or putting the finishing touches to a community mob spawner.

    Helping others learn the game gives me immense pleasure. I will be friendly and helpful to anyone and everyone. I have been a server administrator for most of my minecraft playtime. The earliest example i can give you was back in 2012, i was the admin on a tekkit server called Europe Central 3.1.2. This was a very popular tekkit server at the time, at at peak we used to have around 80 players. 80 young players, i might add. As you can imagine, it was quite a chore to keep them all happy.

    Well ive probably rambled on for far too long, i'll happily talk about my minecraft history all day.

    Hope to meet you all ingame soon!


  • Staff

    Hello Recaran,
    thanks for the great read! You're whitelisted now, so you can go ahead and start raising your industrial estates in good company on our servers.
    Welcome to Stonebound, looking forward to meeting you soon! :)

  • Thank you very much for letting me join!