• age 25 years old
    Minecraft username - MoonLitGoddess
    i am 25 as stated above and a female i have what is called aspergers syndrome which is a high form of autism i am somtimes confused easily but i try my hardest with whatever task im put too and i dont give up easily. i live in alabama on continent North America in the United states of america which means i am in central standard time zone. and i am very disciplined . i love to have fun as does the next but when its time to be serious im one of the best. as well as i wont tolerate hate speech or jokes that arnt really funny other than that im real easy to get along with
    Note about my Schedual : as well as i have a 78yo mother adopted who needs care during the day time i will be on from around 8pm-6am every night starting as me and her have discussed things i may be 25 years old but i have respect for her and so though im old enough to make my choices i follow her rules just like i respect this server and follow the rules.
    the style of builds i love to make are greek style temples :) its all i really know how to do besides pams harvest craft and a bit of thaumcreaft so i will mostly be building while chatting on teamspeak :) i hope you all have a wonderful evening and please consider me :) thank you :D

  • @MoonLitGoddess Hope you get whitelisted, seen you in chat a little (through website) and you seem very nice and would fit just fine!

  • Staff


    Everything in your application checks out fine and we are happy to whitelist you.
    However, I would like to address something before you play on the server.

    We are a mature community, and a majority of our playerbase are adults.
    I do not babysit our players, nor do I expect them to keep their conversations PG.
    We don't tolerate hate speech or harassment, but just keep in mind that some people may say stuff that bothers you.
    Just ask them to tone it down or ignore the conversation if it gets to be too much.

    I hope that this doesn't deter you from playing with us, and for the most part everyone is delightful and nothing really comes up that should bother you.

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