• Introduction
    Hi everyone! My name is Ruben and my IGN is Rubenazo1999
    Im 17 years old, I am from Spain, Barcelona.

    Im a very curious person, when I have a thought of something I, the most times, ask immediately about it. Im always trying to help all the people I can. I really dislike drama and troubles, that's why I always try to use the correct words when speaking.

    About Minecraft, I have been playing it since 1.2.5, almost 5 years playing it (aproximately), nowadays the only way to keep playing minecraft is the mods, without mods Minecraft would be less interesting.

    I knew about the server because I wanted to find a server with a good community and a professional staff, whitelisted. In the great spectrum of mod types I really like the tecnology mods more than others, it has something that it's impossible to describe for me.

    If you want to know more about me:
    About my future plans, in 27 of September I will be 18 years old, that means that I will start a new phase in my life. I really love videogames and I want to study videogame developing/design, and in a near future I will start this studies.

    For me playing modpacks with friends are always better, because the cooperation between players is something special.

    Thank you for reading this post.

  • Retired

    Welcome to Stonebound! We're glad to have such a long time player here.

    I've added you to the whitelist so you can join us whenever you like!

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