Mikko_Blu & Nocksoll

  • Hi!

    So, the rules were pretty unspecific on whether or not you can apply for two, So I'll be applying for myself as well as my husband. Usually I do all of the clerical work in our house anyways, so this is pretty standard for us.

    Mikko_Blu & Nocksoll

    I (M_B) am a 22 year old Corrections Officer from Duluth, MN. Minecraft is one of my most played games, with a playtime of over 2500 hours (second best is probably WoW or Planetside 2). Incidentally, I'm a retired forum moderator for Minecraft forums. Throughout the years, I've bounced from Better than Wolves, Thaumcraft, and direwolf20 as my preferred modpacks. Recently though, I've only played FTB Infinity Expert mode. Getting into FTB Beyond is something my Husband wanted to do, but we're tired of playing alone and we hate the overcrowded servers always at the top of server sites. Thus bringing us here!

    My husband is the same age - 22, and works as a security guard. We both share a passion for empiricism, logic, and technology, so modpacks that feature playstyles with those elements in them tend to pique our interests. This isn't always true, however, since Thaumcraft remains one of my favorites to date.

    Why should you accept us? Introspection has never been a strong suit of mine, but I'd like to think we're low maintenance players, with the ability to help others.

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


  • Retired

    Normally we don't accept applications unless they are written by the person applying, but due to the nature of your relationship and a very well written application I'm gonna make an exception here.

    You have both been whitelisted and may join whenever you like!

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