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    25, Texas, US_CST

    Recently came back from a hiatus from FTB, looking for a small, friendly server to call home. Been playing Minecraft sincce Beta 1.2, and then Tekkit, and finally unto FTB when it was first conceived.

    I found Stonebound through the feedthebeast_servers subreddit ad, and two things immediately caught my attention. Your server is both non-expert, and Thaumcraft-friendly (my favorite mod). This is quite literally exactly what I am looking for- Stonebound is my ideal server.

    I have fully read, accept and will adhere to the rules. I understand applications are currently closed, but I am quite fine waiting in line to get a chance at finding my ideal FTB "home."

    I just like building things while talking to other people about games and technology. I mainly use Magic with a small compliment of tech.

    Looking forward to visiting your community,


    EDIT: Forgot to mention I speak a little German. I visited the Teamspeak tonight, spoke to a few people, and had a good time.

  • Staff


    Thank you for applying to our server!
    We've gone ahead and whitelisted you, and look forward to playing wtih you.
    I hope our community is what you're looking for. :)

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