• Hii!

    My name is djokkie, i'm 16 years old and i'm looking for an small server community with players who can enjoy playing with each other, do certain things together like boss fights and building, and just have a load of fun. Im looking for an community a bit like the youtubers from Hermitcraft. Myself I like tech mods but even more i like to build buildings and i try to challenge myself to build beautiful things and make use of chisels and bits a lot to improve my building skills! Furthermore I went to an English school so the English language is no problem for me. I found the server through, I saw that a few players were playing and i though maybe this is the server i'm looking for! I live in the Netherlands!

    Djokkie 🙂

  • Retired

    Sorry about the wait. You have been whitelisted and you may join whenever you like.

  • Thanks!!! See you around:D

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