• Hello! My name is Henrique, and I'm from Portugal! I'm 17 and I've been playing minecraft for around 6 years, basicly since Minecraft Alpha. I would love to be inserted in your mature community. I've hosted alot of communities back when Minecraft was played by almost everyone, and my servers were always Full. Currently i found interest on Feed The Beast and i wanted to join a community so I can find new friends and people to socialize with. I also have a long term friend playing in your community is name is SrTinoco. I play other games to like Runescape(Old School), CS:GO and League of Legends, but now im addicted to Minecraft again somehow. I have some experience with people and Mods on Minecraft. I can clarify anything if you want me to!
    Have a good day.


  • Retired

    Sorry about the wait. I've added you to the whitelist so you can join whenever you like!

  • Thank you so much!

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