• Hello all! Here's my application. From what I've seen from other applications, I see that there is an influx of many players wanting to get whitelisted to this great community. I'd like to be as polite and non-assertive as possible in my application since I understand that there's a wait-list due to so many applications. So I won't mind waiting as long as possible to be whitelisted if my application were to be accepted. Anyways, here goes!

    Age: 16, well 16.5, I'll be turning 17 in a couple of months.
    Minecraft Name: Tensha
    Little bit about me: Hello everybody, I'm Vincent, though I go by Tensha on MC and whatnot. Frankly, I had to buy a new MC account this weekend because I was careless and didn't secure it well enough, thus it was compromised. Anyways, I'm a high school student in Colorado, I pretty much live a normal life while enjoying liberties like video games in my spare time. I started to take an interest in MC and modded MC when I was 12(Yes, I probably have embarrassing/immature stuff posted on Enjin, too embarrassed to check, heh.). I think that my application should be accepted because I believe that I'm an individual capable of being in a tight knit community and not making a fool of myself. I'd like to think that I'm a cheerful, kind person to be around and talk to, and that's why I want to join this community. I heard of this community just by browsing the FTB server list, and stumbling upon a post that was made about Stonebound.

  • May I please have your old accounts name for further information?

  • My account was hacked, including my mojang/gmail and I'm unable to recover it. But the past names that I used on the account before I lost it were: CasualNotHere and Kisnei. I'm not sure if the name was changed, but I can link my Enjin account if that helps? It has most of the communities I was on in the past. I was talking with Dwaing in teamspeak about it as well. I understand that it seems fishy, but hopefully my case will be believed in terms of being hacked

  • Staff

    We spoke in teamspeak and as I said there, we have gone ahead and whitelisted you.
    Hope you enjoy the server!

  • Alright, thanks!

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