• Hey, name is Ali. Use to play a lot of minecraft back in highschool and was a co owner of a server after I got bored of the actual game. I want to play again with my friends, who should also be trying to join as well. We are all 20, turning 21 soon. We won't be on while drunk though, just in case you are wondering. We mostly stay to ourselves, and I mostly enjoy building and exploring the mods. Will refrain from doing things that caused lag, and will try to stay consistent, although I have college so there will be weeks where I can't play (namely exam weeks).

  • Dangerverse and TheBaulsMastah (we were young and stupid, although we still are stupid) are planning on joining me. Dangerverse actually showed me to this site, would prefer to stay away from servers with an annoying community, and this community looks pretty neat.

  • Retired

    You and your friends have been whitelisted and may join whenever you like.

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