• Hello my name is PoisonAntidote79 and I would like to apply for the server. I am 19 years old with 3 years experience in FTB and I have been looking for a server that has a small, mature community. I heard about this one on the FTB server list and decided to apply. I mainly use magic based mods and I am very personable, allbeit, I do like to roleplay as a lawful evil character. I am not mischevious and I hope to bring a lot of fun for your server! If you have any questions my Discord ID is #1390.

  • Also I am mainly wanting to play on the beyond server

  • Retired

    Welcome to Stonebound! When you are whitelisted it applies to all current and future servers (as long as you don't break the rules.).

    Come join us whenever you like!

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