• Hello, my name is Nils Olav. I like to play all sort's of games ranging from Rainbow six siege, League of legends and gta 5, my gamestyle is directed towards the technical side, but i dip my toes into the other mods too 🙂 My minecraft name is "Saadaf" and i'm 15 years old. The reason you should accept me is that i can bring alot of knowledge and help to the server, i also will most likely play a good chunk as i don't have a graphic's card yet (ftb can run on i7 7700k's inegrated graphics apparently) I'm from Norway so my grammar might not be on point sometimes.

    I found the server on

    I'm looking towards the whitelisted servers as i hate people that grief and banned items as i am an free man.

    Hopefully you guys will accept me 😄

  • Retired

    You have been whitelisted.

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