• Hello, I am a 15 year old male form the United States. I enjoy all varieties of mods, and I am looking for a friendly server such as this one to spend my time on. I would definitely consider myself more mature and more literate than a majority of the people I know that are my age or close to my age. I would say that I am a decently skilled builder, and I am good with most tech and magic mods. I found this server whilst browsing through a list of FTB Beyond servers, and I assumed that since it was whitelisted it would have a better community than most of the other servers. I then came to this site, read the rules, and then decided to apply. I love modded minecraft and I have yet to find a good modded minecraft server that I will enjoy and be able to spend my free time on. Judging from what I have seen on this website, I can say with confidence that I will most likely enjoy this server if I am actually allowed on the whitelist. I know that I am not 16, but I hope that I will still be considered as a potential member of this server. Thanks.

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    Welcome to Stonebound! You have been whitelisted and you may join whenever you like.

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