• Hi, my name is hisinghell. I have been playing minecraft since I was in 6th Grade. So, If I were to count the years that was about 8 years ago. I am a avid builder. Most the time I am on, instead of adventuring the mods and machines of the mod packs I simply just build because I enjoy to. I am currently 18 but will turn 19 in 8 days. My birthday is on the 25th of March. I am originally from Ohio in the United States but have moved frequently over my life for various reasons. I currently reside in Texas just south of Fort Worth. My friend CAT5_ARE_NEAT has been looking to play the FTB Beyond mod pack and found your server. He then informed me of it and such as it is, here I am.

    Thank You for your Consideration,

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    I've whitelisted you so you may join whenever you like.

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