• Hey Stonebound!
    I'm a 15 year old boy from Sweden. I turn 16 on 19th of march, basically im 16 :D. I've been playing modded for about 2-3 years, played mods like Project Ozone 2 and Sky Factory 1-3. I like to automate things, that's basically why i started modded.

    I'm studying science as of now and planning on studying game-programming later. I'm a curious person and I consider myself as a very friendly and positive person. I like to help others and think about others alot.

    I'd like to join the server because the community sounds great, and the staff sounds great too. Rules don't seem to be broken on Stonebound, and people seem very friendly and helpful.



  • Retired

    Welcome to StoneBound! You have bee whitelisted and may join whenever you like.

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