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    I'm 17, and my in-game name is TriPork. I've been trying to get back into modded Minecraft recently, found the new FTB Beyond modpack, and wanted to join a server (I found you guys on the FTB Forums). I feel that I am pretty experienced with most of the main big mods, like Ender IO, Refined Storage, and Actually Additions. But I also have a lot to learn about some of the other mods in the pack. I play some other games besides Minecraft. I love playing Overwatch, not really into the competitive scene, usually just like to play it for fun. Also, once the Nintendo Switch hits the shelves again, I'm really looking forward to playing Zelda Breath of the Wild. If I were to be accepted, I feel that I would fit into the community pretty well. I'm friendly, and I'm usually pretty independent, although I'm willing to help anyone if needed.

    Thanks for taking the time to go through my application. I look forward to a reply! 🙂

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    I have to mention that picture of Zorua is really cool. Also you've been whitelisted and you may join whenever you like.

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