• I'm 37 and have been playing games since Middleschool. I love to play Minecraft to relax. Mostly I've spent time on servers my friends from college have put together but recently they've been playing other stuff, so I thought I'd look for a place to play with some new folks.

    I have a couple of passions. I love to read anything and everything although to relax I tend towards fantasy and Science Fiction. Jim Butcher's Dresden Files is a series I keep re-reading. I love almost any board game.

    I live in Michigan. My wife also occasionally plays Minecraft but not as much as I do. In my work life I doing boring lawyer stuff.
    Hopefully I'll get to meet some new folks on this server.

    I found the server on the FTB forums.

  • Retired

    You've been whitelisted and you may join whenever you like.

    If you like board games there are a few of us who get together on tabletop simulator every once in a while. You're welcome to join us.

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