• Hello,

    My name is Quinn, you could also call me cookie because I'm used to it.

    I have played quite some modded Minecraft and used to love it, but I stopped playing it for a while and want to get back into it. I used to love either mass-producing certain thing (without trying to cause lag) or try to learn blood magic or other sorts of magic. I would love to join your server because I want to be able to do these thing again and play with other people. I live in the Netherlands and I am currently 15 years old (4 months away from 16 if it helps), which I hope not to be a problem. I found your server on the FTB forums, where I was looking for a server like yours.
    Minecraft name: ThatFancyCookie

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, but due to the sudden influx of a lot of new players the Applications are currently closed and you have been placed on a waiting list.
    I hope that you understand, if you don't want to be added to that list reply to this post.

  • May I ask how long you think this list will take?

  • Staff

    To be honest I don't know, depends how active the server will be over the next weeks. Since you are one of the first on the list I can't say, I have no reference.

  • @phit What makes the first one on the list be able to join? Someone leaving from the server or something else?

  • Staff

    amount of daily unique players over a period of a week, the stats are public and can be found here

  • @phit Will this mean I at least have to wait a week? :(

  • Staff

    Yes, we are waiting for after the weekend to see the dropoff rates, we don't want to overload the server to ensure stability.

  • @phit See you after the weekend then :)

  • @phit Hey, I was wondering if you already had space for me on the server since other people are getting whitelisted?

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