Banned by Phit

  • Hi there,

    Sorry but I find it really unfair that I got banned.
    First of all I was not disprespecting the staff member (Phit)?

    And second of all I got insulted by a player saying my island is cancer etc. I didnt do anything to him expect saying that a phedo like him should shut up (just because he was 50 years according to himself). So if I stay banned for this it sucks and I regret that I said it but he should insult other's with cancer ._.

    Best regards,

  • Staff

    When you were accepted onto the server, you were given a chance to prove that you were a positive member, despite previous Minecraft player history. Due to recent behavior, beyond what you've mentioned in your post, we unfortunately will have to stick with our decision to ban you. If you'd like more information regarding your ban, you are welcome to private message me. We wish you the best of luck in finding a server more suitable for you.

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