• Minecraft Username: RadicalCaptain
    Age: 14
    Where I found Stonebound: ftbservers.com

    So I want to be whitelisted because I like small communities that don't ban items or give advantages to donators, I feel it makes the experience more fun and enjoyable for everyone. I have been meaning to get into Sky Factory 3, but I find myself bored in singleplayer, so I thought a server might be fun. My favorite mods are Tinkers Construct, Draconic Evolution, and Ender IO.

    About me: Well I'm 14 years old as said above, I live in New York, USA, and when I'm not playing Minecraft I enjoy hanging out with friends, airsoft, and coding. I'm into a wide range of music, from Metal to Pop. My favorite subject in school is History because I like learning about the past.

    Well, that's it. Hopefully I get whitelisted. :)

  • Retired

    Whitelisted in Teamspeak.