• Hi there everyone , My name is Chi-Yung Lin , and I'm from a island country called Taiwan.
    That's my Chinese name , to make it easier , my English name is Ernie Lin , feel free to just call me Ernie.
    I'm 18 years old now , and I have played minecraft roughly about 3 years.
    How did I find here?...Well,I'll try to make it short.
    I have studied in elite classes for 12 years , in Eastern country , there is really much homework.
    School overtime...Cram school...It's really a hectic life of studying.
    However , I still loves to play games when I'm free , I think playing game is how I can unleash my imagination.
    Due to our education system , I really don't have many friends who are spare to play minecraft with me.
    I'm trying to find a community which is medium size with mature staffs and people.
    Recently , I'm playing Sky Factory 3 , so I start trying to find a great community with servers.
    I think this is a great place to participate in , and I'm looking forward to being a part of the community.

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  • I changed my username to "Supbie".
    Sorry for the inconvenient. :C

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