Tunneling to Spawn ... the Fun way

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    LogicEngineer and I are tunneling to spawn with 3 Railcraft tunnel bores.
    Is it slow? Yes
    Is it expensive? Mildly
    Is it fun? Definitely!

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    I love it! I want to come visit and see this implementation. Is that supposed to be the train in the pic? Why is it floating in the air?

  • @ArbitraryHubris
    There are 3 tunnel bores in the pic, One is deep into its tunnel as I was testing some things. the other two are sitting on track but are so large that you cant see the track under them. As far as implementation we are currently working on getting a large charcoal production going so we can power all 3 of them, They're not very efficient. The only thing left other than that is linking up a bunch of minecart chests behind it because it will just spew out what it mines if you do not.

  • Oh and feel free to come by when ever you want. Just watch your step 😉

  • Progress has begun
    alt text

    The drill
    alt text

    Its Tunnel Time!
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  • Unfortunately there is Lava at the bedrock level so until I find a good solution for that I might put the project on hold. One might be to go above y 10 but then you have to provide ballast, and there can still be lava. I also might look into sponges/easy ways to remove lava.

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    @Riewest maybe go above the lava lake and drop sand or gravel into it? will be a lot of work each time it stops, but it seems doable.

  • @ArbitraryHubris Got rid of the lava so that wasnt to bad. Did see the ranged pumps mod in JEI which also might be a good solution. Running into a chunk loading problem right now as railcraft no longer has chunkloading carts. I tried using the FTB util to claim a long line and chunkload it but the tunnel bores do not work in the claimed area at least for me. They might work if the team captain tries but I am not so cant test it. I have an idea to use an opencomputers robot with chunkloading but if that only does one chunk then it also wont work.

  • Testing right now to see if the tunnel bores self chunkload. Fingers crossed that they do!

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    @Riewest The Anchor Cart is no longer in Railcraft? WTF?

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