• I am a 24 year old dad from the United States that specializes in a wide variety of things from PC Support to Landscaping. I have been playing Minecraft since beta and know a thing or two about java and server development as well.

    This is quite literally the only server i have found in my search to play Dimension Zero. I also have multiple friends i want to bring to said server in order to have a fun experience as a group. I have played many modpacks on servers Including but not limited to: Stoneblock 2, Direwolf20, Tekkit Classic, FTB Ultimate, Crash Landing. I would say that i don't have one specific favorite mod or modpack as i enjoy a wide variety of them.

    My Build Style Includes alot of decoration, automation, and symmetry as i can be quite ocd and occasionally over the top with my builds. My play style is a slow and steady one as i enjoy exploring just as much as i enjoy progress in the modpacks i play. Also I understand the rules of the server and plan on following them. I would much enjoy being part of this close net community of friendly players and staff. Please get back to me when you can with a response to my updated application and thank you for your consideration.

    Sincerely, -Jamie (A.k.a. "KaboomHD")

  • Helper

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server!
    Unfortunately, your application is a bit shorter than we would like. If you could add on to it, we'd appreciate it.
    Feel free to include more information about why you want to be a part of our community, or personal things like your favorite mods or building style.

  • @Prusias Thanks for your quick response! I will go back and add more about myself.
    Edit If you could go back and relook at my application it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Helper

    Hey Jamie,

    Thank you for adding on to your application! We like longer apps as it shows us you are willing to put in effort and lets us know a bit more about you before we add you to our whitelist. I liked your initial application but it was simply to short for our standards.

    But now I'm very happy to welcome you to Stonebound! I hope you have a good time with us and I look forward to your friends their applications!

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