• Age: 14

    Actual Country: Argetina (Where i was born)

    History of bans or lies:
    I did not have any ban for now and I would not like that to change, I lied about my age only once for school reasons

    I like technical mods like Immersive engineering, galacticraft, buildcraft, Tinkers Construct

    Most of my games are those that make you think like for example Factorio, I also like strategy games like Airmech, Forts or Plannetary Anihilation

    I knew Minecraft because I played with a friend Hide and seek and Skywars and other games more when I was younger on servers like Cubecraft, then we got bored of Minecraft and each one kept playing what he liked, when I saw that the twitch application could download the mods much easier I started to download mods and mods packages, looking for some other server to play.

    I usually play a long time to the package but after a while the interest begins to decline to the point of not containing me for a month or two, but I enter every so often to see what happens or to see if I can do something on the server

    I have a forum account: my usarname is Exitium, in case you need to contact me for any reason

    A question, I get something to integrate on Christmas day? XD

    My favourite band is Gorillaz,

    I put my favorite band to see if there is someone else who shares my taste and not be the only one on the server XD

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    I've whitelisted you so you can join us now, welcome to Stonebound and happy Holidays :santa:

  • great thank you very much :D,
    Happy Holidays for you too

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