• Hey! I'm Josh (LaterFrog) I'm 15 years old. I've been working with one of your Members (TurtleNation) on another server. We have known each other for about a Month now. I'm an Admin on his discord server. I believe I am a very responsible and intelligent personnel. I live in a small town south of Edinburgh. (Scotland), I can be online (On my computer) from anywhere 1 - 8 hours. I get home from school and I'm on the computer until I'm tired. During the weekends I can be online for anywhere between 1 - 13 hours. (As you can see I don't usually go outside! :) ) I was banned from Mineplex let's say 8 years ago. I was perm banned. Although this past year I've applied to get that removed and It was. I was also told that the period I was banned for was not correct and the person who Banned me was fired. Yes, they actually told me this. :O I would've left this out to give me a higher chance of being accepted but I thought it over and I decided I may as well be as honest as I can. So there you go
    Once I heard that "TurtleNation" (one of your members) was playing on your server. I was looking for a good Modded Minecraft server to play on and spend my time. I heard about this and decided to join the discord and apply!
    I'm a mature and unique person. I also believe that my Grammer and punctuation is rather impressive for my age.

    Otherwise, I believe that I've written enough for this application and I hope to see you on the server!
    Great wishes

  • Staff

    Whitelisted as said on Discord, welcome to Stonebound. Thanks for cooperating with all my questioning ;)